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Photo Gallery


BILL MANTLO'S life presented in this collection of photos, from the fabled formative years all the way through to the present day!  


Bill's paternal grandparents (with Pop "BIG BILL" Mantlo) in the front yard of the Mantlo home in Springfield, Tennessee
Bill's maternal grandparents at home in Brooklyn, New York
"BIG BILL" Mantlo and Nancy Bruno (MOM & DAD) circa 1942
MOM & DAD Mantlo WWII, before Bill was even a glimmer in their eyes!
Baby BILL with SANTA CLAUS...was that Stan Lee behind that beard?
Bill welcomes Mike ("Mickey") to the family. I think that horrible couch upholstery gave Bill some early artistic inspiration!
Billy & Mickey welcome Art to the Mantlo universe...1950's childhoods on display!
Complete MANTLO Family on front lawn of house in Queens Village, NY...did they give Art that suit when he was released from baby prison?
Billy preparing to go fishing at Baker Camp on Lake Sebago, Sloatsburg, NY...the annual Mantlo summer vacation for many, many years
Billy gets his desired "BEATLES" suit for Easter, 1964. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!
Billy (lower right corner) and his Boy Scout buddies (best bud Brad is the smiling scout in front).
Billy makes Eagle Scout...his dedication & determination earns Billy great respect from Pop, but the times they are a-changin'!
Bill (no longer "Billy") graduates from High School of Art & Design in NYC...the disaffected youth phase is now in full bloom!
Bill (with Mom) returns from California sabbatical early 1970s..."Is John Lennon looking for a stunt double?"
Soon after college, he gets his big break...Bill joins the Marvelous Marvel "BULLPEN"!
A mid-1970s Mantlo family get together (Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps?). Pop discovers "mod" clothing!!!
Bill & ex-wife Karen visit Mantlo house on Long Island, NY (a rare smiling image, as they wholly rejected the middle class suburban lifestyle).
The Mantlo men prepare for Art's wedding 1979 (Bill grudgingly donned a suit for the occasion).
Bill with daughter Corinna, his greatest joy, circa 1983.
BILL in a Marvel portrait, circa 1983 (Marvel life was good....writing up to 8 DIFFERENT TITLES EVERY MONTH!).
Bill today.."I'm BILL MANTLO.....and you're not!".
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